Dipolog City

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Traveled September 21-24, 2015

May 2015 was the original plan to go here. But due to unexpected circumstances, our luck ended up having a Cebu trip. And I was so happy that finally I will be able to see the beauty of Mindanao.

Dipolog is part of Zamboanga Del Norte,  Neah has a lot of childhood memories in Dipolog since her aunt and grand parents were raised here. Since the Tagbilaran to Dumaguete and Tagbilaran to Cebu didn’t work last time. We make sure to book a flight to Dipolog City directly. Fare is bit expensive but since we really wanted to visit her family, we made it possible.!

first time to fly via Cebu Pac and yes! delayed

Dipolog by air is two hour ride from Manila. When we arrived to the airport Neah’s aunts are waiting for us at the waiting area. We headed to Dipolog Boulevard for lunch.

lunch beside Dipolog Boulevard
Boulevard at night

The next morning we checked out on the hotel where we stayed over night and headed to the bus terminal. We will be  going to San Nicolas in Dapitan City where Neah and her family stay during summer for vacation.

11257254_1625235874409648_385043396_n (1).jpg
Dipolog Terminal

Dipolog to Dapitan city is less than an hour bus ride. We rode a bus to Osamis and drop off at Barcelona.

“Welcome home” as we were approached by Auntie Jane, Neah’s aunt when we arrived. The lunch was served already with Neah’s favorite “halang-halang” (spicy in their dialect)native chicken cooked in coconut milk.


halang- halang

The next day, our fist day in Dapitan City was spent having lunch by the beach. But before we went to the beach, we first visited Neah’s grandma’s grave the he haven’t visited for 2 years already.

We had lunch by the beach at Dapitan City.

Auntie Jane,Mape,NEah and Chin
Buddle fight for lunch

After the sumptuous lunch the gang decided to visit the white beach “Tag-ulo” .It was almost 2 hours motorcycle ride from Dapitan City. And yes! it’s a white beach.

the beach was a home of starfish


Tag-ulo Beach


Dakak Beach here we go! , the next day was a challenging part of our trip, but at the same time we are both excited. We will be riding a zip line for the fist time!.

Dakak is the famous resort in Mindanao. It was rated as a 5 star resorts which is well known in the Philippines. Dakak was more than an hour motorcycle ride from Dapitan City, Entrance of Php.1000.00 is consumable for food and other activities.


We first tried the kayak paddling since we haven’t tried that activity on our previous trip.

our fist Kayak was here!


After the tiring Kayak paddling and swimming we decided to finally take our lunch. There was a buffet lunch for Php 500.00 per person but we decided to take a single order. Lunch by the beach again!

lunch by the beach

And the highlight of our Dakak trip finally came. We will be cruising over the top of the mountain. Dakak zipline was “Asia’s Largest and fastest dual Zip-line”. From the resort we went to Dakak adventure site. We first try the 20 minutes  horseback riding. It was actually our first time to back ride on a tour by a horse.

horse back riding requires you to wear a cowboy hat


And this is it, as much as we want to cruise together since it was a dual zip line the resort don’t have enough staff to assist us when we landed on the other side of the hill, so we had to do it individually.

Tadaah! We made it! We were able to conquer it.

optional: Picture with a certificate cost Php150.00


After the Dakak adventure Neah and her higschool friend planned to meet in Dipolog so we took the non air con bus to Dipolog but either one of her friends came out to see us.

We found this cute cafe along Dipolog Boulevard “Chapters Book Cafe



We went home around 9:00PM and everyone in the house was waiting for us. Neah’s aunt was preparing puto and suman that we will bring in Manila the next morning.

Our last day came and we are both longing for more adventures in Dipolog. As much as we wanted to stay longer we need to go back to Manila for work again. I almost cried while on board because it’s hard for me to say goodbye to the people I met here. I met such a humble and contented people.


Thank you for wonderful experience Dipolog! We’ll be back!

Aj and Neah♥