When we got lost in Sorsogon 

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Travelled February 18,2016

“Unexpected is either surprisingly well or perfectly imperfect”

It was part of our 25th birthday bucketlist to go to Palawan, we already booked flight for our 4 days vacation. But few weeks before our trip I got an emergency from our province in Bicol that needs me to be there. And because it’s a family related, we decided to just cancel our trip and go to Bicol instead.

Same travel date in Palawan we headed to Cubao for our 12 hours bus travel to Tiwi, Albay in Bicol. There is a direct bus to Tiwi that will takes almost 13 hours depending on traffic situation. Tiwi is 40 minutes drive from Legazpi City, the mainland of Albay.

bus ticket (yet the most convenient bus conpany)
getting ready for a 12 hrs bus ride

We left Cubao around 5:00PM and expected to arrived at 6:00AM next morning. And good thing because we arrived on time.

We arrived home and do my personal errands. It was Neah second time to be in my home town,the first time she was in Tiwi we only stayed for 1 night so this time I take the opportunity to ahow her some of hidden gems of our place. It’s not totally gems but it something that our place can offer  when it comes to tourism.

We started with the “corangon islet”. It is an islet located in Baybay Tiwi Albay which is just walking distance from the town proper. The panoramic view of Corangon can be seen far from the seashore of the beach, but just recently the Corangon is getting closer to the public,the tourism office are now accepting tourist to visit the islet during lowtide.

But riding a boat to see closely the islet is not our plan. We instead go to the seaside and point her out the Corangon island (I’m not even sure if I showed her the right one because corangon is not visible during hightide).



take a selfie

and took photos of her along the beach

After the sight seing at the beach side we headed to our town parish church.


St. Lawrence Parish Churh



We return back home after church and take our lunch. We went to nearby city tabaco to accompany my mother for her checkup. While waiting for her doctor, we went to a cafe within the area. I saw this cafe from a friend who posted a picture of it on instagram.

Here we go Amore Coffee.


Amore Coffee Shop located in Tayhi Tabaco City near DBPMCF
They serve a different version of Coffee and Frappe.

their best seller Ryan’s Praline Frappe
Ryan’s Praline Frappe , Mocha Frappe, their version of beef Nachos and Cheese Sticks

 Their frapped was served after 30 minutes from the time we ordered but we guve it a chance because they just opened when we dine.

I love their bestseller Ryan’s Praline Frap (i just dont know where they got that name). Nothing special with the  beef Nachos, I was looking for something spicy and beefy flavor but thei version is different. Cheesesticks was fine, as expected cheese rolled with wrap.

What we like more about this place is a corner where they offer some kind of activity while you dine.


totie playing Dart Spin

One more thing about this cafe is that it’s pet friendly.

Fast forward after our personal errands, I met my friends in college and decided to have some drink as my birthday salubong that night.


with Totsie,Janet,Franz, Mama and Dev with our grilled fish pulutan,pinangat and sinigang
The next morning was my birthday! And our next stop is Sorsogon City. Sorsogon is more than 4 hrs ride from Legazpi City. But before we headed to Legazpi to reach Sorsogon, I was given a chance to show Neah one of my favorite food since  I was a kid.

representing the puto kutsinta on it’s colorful version :With coconut pulp as a toppings

And that’s what we had for breakfast!

Around 9:00AM we arrived in Legazpi Grand Terminal where we need to have another 4 hrs van ride.

We arrived in Sorsogon proper around 1:00PM we immediately look for jeepney going to Matnog, Sorsogon. After around 20 minutes we just realized that our time maybe not enought for island hopping in Subic Beach. We look for nearby places on google and ended up getting off to a place we dont know. We therefore decided to go back to the city proper and follow the instruction we found from a blog online. We ride a jeep with a signboard “Bacon” and ” Sawanga” 45 mins. Jeepney ride from city proper.

 Paguriran Island

welcomed by a calms sea of the island

We rented a cottage for our remaining hours for only Php 150.00, there is a sari sari store along the beach but they dont sell cooked food aside from cup noodles and caned goods.
birthday gift for me
   Since the last trip from Bacon to the city proper is only until 4:00PM, we decided to go back to the city earlier for dinner and we need to catch thelast trip of bus back to Manila.

Meanwhile, right after we arrive in the city proper we take some glimpse on their City plaza

 Then dinner finally!

dinner at Biggs


We got the last trip of Philtranco bus bound to Cubao around 7:00PM as chance passenger oha!

We’ll be back #sorsiūüĎô


Dipolog City

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Traveled September 21-24, 2015

May 2015 was the original plan to go here. But due to unexpected circumstances, our luck ended up having a Cebu trip. And I was so happy that finally I will be able to see the beauty of Mindanao.

Dipolog is part of Zamboanga Del Norte, ¬†Neah has a lot of childhood memories in Dipolog since her aunt and grand parents were raised here. Since the Tagbilaran to Dumaguete and Tagbilaran to Cebu didn’t work last time. We make sure to book a flight to Dipolog City directly. Fare is bit expensive but since we really wanted to visit her family, we made it possible.!

first time to fly via Cebu Pac and yes! delayed

Dipolog by air is two hour ride from Manila. When we arrived to the airport Neah’s aunts are waiting for us at the waiting area. We headed to Dipolog Boulevard for lunch.

lunch beside Dipolog Boulevard
Boulevard at night

The next morning we checked out on the hotel where we stayed over night and headed to the bus terminal. We will be  going to San Nicolas in Dapitan City where Neah and her family stay during summer for vacation.

11257254_1625235874409648_385043396_n (1).jpg
Dipolog Terminal

Dipolog to Dapitan city is less than an hour bus ride. We rode a bus to Osamis and drop off at Barcelona.

“Welcome home” as we were approached by Auntie Jane, Neah’s aunt when we arrived. The lunch was served already with Neah’s favorite “halang-halang” (spicy in their dialect)native chicken cooked in coconut milk.


halang- halang

The next day, our fist day in Dapitan City was spent having lunch by the beach. But before we went to the beach, we first visited Neah’s grandma’s grave the he haven’t visited for 2 years already.

We had lunch by the beach at Dapitan City.

Auntie Jane,Mape,NEah and Chin
Buddle fight for lunch

After the¬†sumptuous lunch the gang decided to visit the white beach “Tag-ulo” .It was almost 2 hours motorcycle ride from Dapitan City. And yes! it’s a white beach.

the beach was a home of starfish


Tag-ulo Beach


Dakak Beach here we go! , the next day was a challenging part of our trip, but at the same time we are both excited. We will be riding a zip line for the fist time!.

Dakak is the famous resort in Mindanao. It was rated as a 5 star resorts which is well known in the Philippines. Dakak was more than an hour motorcycle ride from Dapitan City, Entrance of Php.1000.00 is consumable for food and other activities.


We first tried the¬†kayak paddling since we haven’t tried that activity on our previous trip.

our fist Kayak was here!


After the tiring Kayak paddling and swimming we decided to finally take our lunch. There was a buffet lunch for Php 500.00 per person but we decided to take a single order. Lunch by the beach again!

lunch by the beach

And the highlight of our Dakak trip finally came. We will be cruising over the top of the mountain. Dakak zipline was “Asia’s Largest and fastest dual Zip-line”. From the resort we went to Dakak adventure site. We first try the 20 minutes ¬†horseback riding. It was actually our first time to back ride on a tour by a horse.

horse back riding requires you to wear a cowboy hat


And this is it, as much as we want to cruise together since it was a dual zip line the resort don’t have enough staff to assist us when we landed on the other side of the hill,¬†so we had to do it individually.

Tadaah! We made it! We were able to conquer it.

optional: Picture with a certificate cost Php150.00


After the Dakak adventure Neah and her higschool friend planned to meet in Dipolog so we took the non air con bus to Dipolog but either one of her friends came out to see us.

We found this cute cafe along Dipolog Boulevard “Chapters Book Cafe



We went home around 9:00PM and everyone in the house was waiting for us. Neah’s aunt was preparing puto and suman that we will bring in Manila the next morning.

Our last day came and we are both longing for more adventures in Dipolog. As much as we wanted to stay longer we need to go back to Manila for work again. I almost cried while on board because it’s hard for me to say goodbye to the people I met here. I met such a humble and contented people.


Thank you for wonderful experience Dipolog! We’ll be back!

Aj and Neah‚ô•



Unexpected Trip to Cebu City

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Travelled May 12-16 2015

The right time for our “dream place” has finaly came. It was an unexpected trip tough, but for us unexpected trip are the best. We booked a flight to Tagbilaran Bohol as a gateway to Neah’s home town in Dipolog City, as they all aware that there was a boat who travels from Bohol to Dipolog, plane ticket to Dipolog is so expensive that’s why we find to have an alternative. Few days before our flight we found out that there is no longer boat that travels from Bohol to Dipolog,so we find another way to reach Dipolog. We have two options 1) drop off to Tagbilaran and take the boat to Dumaguete,from Dumaguete another 3 hours boat ride to Dipolog 2) Drop 0ff to Tagbilaran and take the 2 hour boat ride to Cebu, from Cebu there are boat travel firectly to Dipolog. We take the second option.

Right after the plane landed to Tagbilaran airport, we immediately went to the port to take the earliest trip to Cebu. The boat ride from Bohol to Cebu took us 2 hours fare is Php 250.00 / way plus the terminal fee of Php 60.00.

my first glimpse of Tagbilaran airport

We arrived in Cebu around 6:00 PM we immediately ask the locals on where we can buy ticket going to Dipolog, we even went to the ticketing office but unfortunately the boat to Dipolog will sail day after tomorrow. We take the unexpected surprise, we therefore stay in Cebu the rest of trip.

We checked in to ¬†the nearest hotel Sampaguita Suites, the hotel is near the church and the famous Magellan’s Cross.

We attended the early mass the next morning. And we realize that we are so lucky to have the chance to be on that place that we are both dreaming of.

Enter a caption


Basilica del Sto Ni√Īo
magellan’s cross
mandatory photo op

On our second night in Cebu we went to the famous “Larsian” best place for grilled seafood, BBQ and ¬†other food Cebu can offer.



puso” rice cooked in coconut leaf


Our third day was spent on a beach resort that has pool on it. It was a 30 minutes taxi ride from the city proper.

As we all know that the best Lechon in the Philippines was in Cebu. We therefore tried this famous restaurant that has “the best lechon ever!”-zubuchon.

one serving good for 3 already

It was such an unforgettable experience. Unplanned but always the best. We planned to go back to Cebu by August with family.

Pinto Art Museum Gallery

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Visited August 2015

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web”.

museum map provided upon arrival


Pinto Cafe, their carbonara is a must try!



Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. Contact info: 6971015. Email: pintoartmuseum@yahoo.com. Facebook page: Pinto Art Museum.
Pinto Art Museum is located inside Grand Heights, a private subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal. We find it easier to get here from Ortigas Avenue Extension to avoid the traffic congestion of Sumulong Highway and Antipolo town proper.
  • Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.¬†Pinto Art Museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS.
  • According to their Facebook page, they are open during holidays (as long as it‚Äôs not a Monday.)
  • P180 for regular ticket
  • P150 for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs
  • P100 for children and students with proper school IDs
  • Free for children below 3 years old
  • There‚Äôs an entrance fee of P20 for road users for non-residents of Grand Heights. You can park your vehicles on the street right across the museum.
  • Guided Tour Schedule:¬†09:00 am ‚Äď 11:00 am;¬†12:00 nn ‚Äď 02:00 pm; 02:00 pm ‚Äď 04:00 pm; 04:30 pm ‚Äď 06:00 pm
  • No food or pets are allowed. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the museum.
  • No flash photography.
  • Children can visit Pinto Art Museum as long as they are accompanied by an adult inside the premises at all times.
  • For inquiries regarding prenuptial shoots and private events, please call 6971015 and look for Jenny Villanueva. Photoshoot rates: P7,500 (upper garden, lower garden and indigenous art museum only), P15,000 (upper and lower gardens, indigenous art museum and new museum wing indoor). Inclusive of: 5 hours shoot (in excess P750/hour), 5 pax (in excess P300 per head); comes with preparation room.


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February 15,2015 Clarkfield Pampanga


As I can recall it was two years ago when I heard about the “Hot air balloon Festival” being held yearly in Pampanga. I always dreamed to witness the beauty of¬†these¬†giant balloons floating ¬†in the sky. Luckily last year when I was out dated about the event and it was too late when I realized that February is always the chosen month for the said festival, I was really pissed off of myself because I wanted to bring my girlfriend there because I find it romantic and I even watched some videos that has it’s background.

January came and I kept on checking google for the schedule of the Hot Air Balloon, I found a website in which the activities, dates and the location of the event was stated. It was dated February 13 to 15, ¬†2015 with the theme of “Week of everything that flies” at Clark field Pampanga, I read every detail about the event and activities. Neah and I immediately made a plan of going there as part of my birthday bucket list.

Luckily the last day of the event was our rest day so there’s no reason for us to missed that most awaited event of my life ūüôā One of our office mate who lives in Pampanga gave us a map on how we can go to Clark field that serve as our guide going to the place.

It was our last day and at 8:00AM we directly went to Jac Liner station in Kamias. There also some passengers same way as our’s that day. It was more than an hour travel to Dau Pampanga, we drop off to the first stop over in Mabalacat Pampanga. We rode a tricycle going to the Clark field ¬†based on the instruction that we had on our map and we paid Php150.00 for almost 30 mins ride. When we arrived to the area the driver point us the way so we can walk to the Gate entrance, we thought it was just a short walk but we ended up walking for almost 20 mins.

It was almost lunch when we arrived, we bought our ticket at the entrance, since we don’t have any packed food for lunch or any snacks (maybe because of the excitement) we¬†have to look for something to eat, good thing there’s a variety of concession booth within the area where we can buy ¬†food to eat!

We were just seated on the grass like other’s who are inside the open ground, some even brought their own tent ¬†that serves as their cover to the extreme heat of the sun, It was the last day of the event and I thought there were lesser people than the first two days (how will I know? this is even my first time LOL).

Here are some of the activities and highlights of the event:

Kite Flying Kites are tethered flying objects, which fly using aerodynamic lift requiring wind or towing to generate airflow over the lifting surfaces. They now come in many shapes and forms, and are now made from newly developed materials such as graphite and nylons.

Aerobatic Exhibitions is the practice of flying maneuvers that involve aircraft altitudes not used in normal flight. Most aerobatic maneuvers involve rotation of the aircraft about its longitudinal axis (roll) or lateral axis (pitch). Other maneuvers such as a spin displace the aircraft about its vertical axis (yaw).

Powered Paragliding Powered paragliding or para motoring is a form of ultralight aviation where a pilot carries a motor on his back to give him enough thrust to take off with a para motor wing.

Sky Diving Sky Diving involves exiting an aircraft to return to the ground with the aid of gravity, then slowing down during the last part of the descent using a parachute. 

Radio controlled aircraft Radio controlled aircraft or RC aircraft are small flying machines controlled remotely by an operator on the ground using a handheld radio transmitter

Hot Air Ballooning¬†this is actually the¬†highlight¬†of the show that we are waiting for, but since it was our first time we¬†didn’t¬†know that it’s literally¬†ballooning¬†of Hot air Balloons.

The event ended up with live concert artist and band performing on stage, we rested for few minutes since we are standing for almost the whole day under the heat of t he sun.

We headed back to Manila same route as we arrived in Pampanga, but we never expect the queue of passengers. But overall it was awesome, since it was part of my birthday bucket list it made me really really happy.Tires yet satisfied.





online,some friends are posting/ selling ticket,promoting  the event.and it is also one of the favorite spot for Valentines Day since it is being held every February.


for¬†families¬†who will bring their kids we suggest to bring your car, there are huge parking area¬†though¬†so it will much¬†convenient¬†for your kids¬†to¬†travel. You can also bring tent,(there’s no fetching fee), I think a lot of water since you will be exposed from the heat of the sun.Extra shirt, towels.


Fly kite,enjoy the hot air baloon view.

Travelled with Neah and Anna

Nuvali Laguna – our first out of town together

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we heard a lot about this place eversince and we are always planning to go and visit but time and schedules never permits.As we heard about low prices of some branded stuffs like bags,sneakers and some well known clothing brand interesting right?

We tried to read reviews online.google it up and ofcourse the “forever planning time”.when we can be there.How we can go there,but ofcourse with the time and day that work and personal errands will not be compromised.

Until such time came I was on my restday. i got a message from a friend asking if “I wanna go somewhere in Nuvali” I immediately message her back online and asked “are you guys serious”. Well all i knew is they are having good time knowing that I really wanted to go to Nuvali. And since Im hard headed I didnt believe them. I left home with my “pambahay damit” because I will just be depositing money to the bank,then I got a message from another friend confirming that we will be going to Nuvali and they will just fetch me where ever I am. ūüėú Hmm I cant believe it but ofcourse I really can’t believe that I will be going there like a beggarūüôą

So it was true.These guys fetch me after my personal errand. And went directly to fetch the other one who is just came from her restday. Tadaaan! It’s my babe neah..ooops di pa pala kami nun ‚úĆÔłŹyes we are just on “dating process”. But ofcourse this girl always rock ky world and I cant imagine Nuvali trip without her.

Same with my reaction,she was shocked knowing that we will be going to Nuvali. i borrowed a tee from her so I won’t look like a real beggar on my outfit. Haha.

The ride starts early around 10AM bound to SLEX to Laguna.

It was just like going somehere for a picnic because of the food buffet inside the car. Well,ofcourse because we will be gliding for almost one in a half hour. 

And here we go! Saying hi to Nuvali.tadaaan capital HHWW

Ohaa? Nuvali it is ūüėĄ the place was surrounded mostly by store outlets. There sre huge area for parking and it’s an advantage since ¬†we had a car.

The more than an hour ride makes our tummyies longing for happy food. For some reason we are not familiar with the restaurants along the area.

This woyld be our breakfast and lunch and as a preparatio for the entire gala.

Lunch was served but nothing beats the winky eye of Neah nae. i know that she’s starving knowing her food apprtite is so so so i dont know.haha!

Our original plan is to buy some sneaker since I’m having hard time buying a kick in MNL because it’s so pricey. We went to some store outlets and yes they had low prices of stuffs or maybe because it’s holiday season.

Our plan is to have a pair of converse either red white or black.But since my feet are so huge we cannot find a size to “fit my tiny feet”.

Until we found the BMX outlet store, It’s even my first time to hear about the shoes brand but their kicks are cool and had stokscks for prefered sizes.Neah actually had a good choice for almost everything so I keep asking for her experties.

As ou first time going out of town together this experience is very memorable. So take the chance to captures more and more picture yow!

May undisputed  outfit during this day.

NUVALI Laguna,December2013