When we got lost in Sorsogon 

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Travelled February 18,2016

“Unexpected is either surprisingly well or perfectly imperfect”

It was part of our 25th birthday bucketlist to go to Palawan, we already booked flight for our 4 days vacation. But few weeks before our trip I got an emergency from our province in Bicol that needs me to be there. And because it’s a family related, we decided to just cancel our trip and go to Bicol instead.

Same travel date in Palawan we headed to Cubao for our 12 hours bus travel to Tiwi, Albay in Bicol. There is a direct bus to Tiwi that will takes almost 13 hours depending on traffic situation. Tiwi is 40 minutes drive from Legazpi City, the mainland of Albay.

bus ticket (yet the most convenient bus conpany)
getting ready for a 12 hrs bus ride

We left Cubao around 5:00PM and expected to arrived at 6:00AM next morning. And good thing because we arrived on time.

We arrived home and do my personal errands. It was Neah second time to be in my home town,the first time she was in Tiwi we only stayed for 1 night so this time I take the opportunity to ahow her some of hidden gems of our place. It’s not totally gems but it something that our place can offer  when it comes to tourism.

We started with the “corangon islet”. It is an islet located in Baybay Tiwi Albay which is just walking distance from the town proper. The panoramic view of Corangon can be seen far from the seashore of the beach, but just recently the Corangon is getting closer to the public,the tourism office are now accepting tourist to visit the islet during lowtide.

But riding a boat to see closely the islet is not our plan. We instead go to the seaside and point her out the Corangon island (I’m not even sure if I showed her the right one because corangon is not visible during hightide).



take a selfie

and took photos of her along the beach

After the sight seing at the beach side we headed to our town parish church.


St. Lawrence Parish Churh



We return back home after church and take our lunch. We went to nearby city tabaco to accompany my mother for her checkup. While waiting for her doctor, we went to a cafe within the area. I saw this cafe from a friend who posted a picture of it on instagram.

Here we go Amore Coffee.


Amore Coffee Shop located in Tayhi Tabaco City near DBPMCF
They serve a different version of Coffee and Frappe.

their best seller Ryan’s Praline Frappe
Ryan’s Praline Frappe , Mocha Frappe, their version of beef Nachos and Cheese Sticks

 Their frapped was served after 30 minutes from the time we ordered but we guve it a chance because they just opened when we dine.

I love their bestseller Ryan’s Praline Frap (i just dont know where they got that name). Nothing special with the  beef Nachos, I was looking for something spicy and beefy flavor but thei version is different. Cheesesticks was fine, as expected cheese rolled with wrap.

What we like more about this place is a corner where they offer some kind of activity while you dine.


totie playing Dart Spin

One more thing about this cafe is that it’s pet friendly.

Fast forward after our personal errands, I met my friends in college and decided to have some drink as my birthday salubong that night.


with Totsie,Janet,Franz, Mama and Dev with our grilled fish pulutan,pinangat and sinigang
The next morning was my birthday! And our next stop is Sorsogon City. Sorsogon is more than 4 hrs ride from Legazpi City. But before we headed to Legazpi to reach Sorsogon, I was given a chance to show Neah one of my favorite food since  I was a kid.

representing the puto kutsinta on it’s colorful version :With coconut pulp as a toppings

And that’s what we had for breakfast!

Around 9:00AM we arrived in Legazpi Grand Terminal where we need to have another 4 hrs van ride.

We arrived in Sorsogon proper around 1:00PM we immediately look for jeepney going to Matnog, Sorsogon. After around 20 minutes we just realized that our time maybe not enought for island hopping in Subic Beach. We look for nearby places on google and ended up getting off to a place we dont know. We therefore decided to go back to the city proper and follow the instruction we found from a blog online. We ride a jeep with a signboard “Bacon” and ” Sawanga” 45 mins. Jeepney ride from city proper.

 Paguriran Island

welcomed by a calms sea of the island

We rented a cottage for our remaining hours for only Php 150.00, there is a sari sari store along the beach but they dont sell cooked food aside from cup noodles and caned goods.
birthday gift for me
   Since the last trip from Bacon to the city proper is only until 4:00PM, we decided to go back to the city earlier for dinner and we need to catch thelast trip of bus back to Manila.

Meanwhile, right after we arrive in the city proper we take some glimpse on their City plaza

 Then dinner finally!

dinner at Biggs


We got the last trip of Philtranco bus bound to Cubao around 7:00PM as chance passenger oha!

We’ll be back #sorsiūüĎô


Panglao Island Bohol

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Traveled December 16-18, 2015

12277477_1667394210174848_303750147_n - Copy

As a highlight of our second year anniversary we planned to go out of town again. We planned of going to Davao but since the election was near, we knew that it’s not safe to travel on that utmost part of Mindanao.We thought of going to Palawan but our vacation leave at work went ¬†miserable again. Bohol was part of our bucket list “hopefully” before 2015 ends and were lucky to finally able to explore Panglao.

Right after Neah’s 11:00AM shift we hurriedly headed to the airport. Since we have 1:40 flight to Tagbilaran we are really running out of time. We rode the nearest train from the office and drop off to the nearest gateway we can ride a cab to the airport. Unfortunately during that time there was a storm signal in Manila and it was so hard to haggle for a cab ( you know traffic is everywhere). We ended up riding a “sikad” costing Php150.00 one way. I never thought that there was a way going to the airport by that mode of transportation but we need to take any way possible to reach the flight on time.

We left Manila with a a storm signal but arrived in Tagbilaran with warmth heat of the summer and very calm sea.

summer here…

Since we didn’t reserve a place to stay in Alona Beach we really have to look a place ourselves. The guy who offer us the package for island hoping ¬†helped us to find a place to stay. It’s not so hard to find a place though it’s not peak season. We find a place for two for only Php 850.00 per night,air conditioned with a very very strong WIFI signal and so close to the main beach.

We stroll the Alona beach front to find a place to eat. We called Alona beach “little boracay” the long stretch of white beach was just similar with boracay.

Had dinner by the beach, half naked for back massage and watch the fire-dance and fireworks at night with bottle of beer.

The next morning, we wake up 5:00 AM for the dolphin watching and island hopping. We just had a cup of noodles near the beach who was owned by a Korean (Neah and I loves trying chopsticks for noodles and ramen, strange but it makes us happy. Just by using a chopstick)

Our fist stop was a 30 minute boat ride to watch the dolphins playing during daytime, according to our guide the dolphins appears early in the morning until 7:30 AM. It was such a great experience to watch them going in and out on our sight.

After watching the dolphin we headed to our next stop, the Balicasag Island. It was less than 30 minutes boat ride from the dolphin watching area.

Balicasag Island

Upon arrival we were required to pay the environmental fee and the snorkeling fee of Php 250.00 inclusive of guide and snorkeling gears. We went to ¬†what they called “snorkeling sanctuary”¬†with¬†a paddle boat.

We tried snorkeling once when we went to Boracay but the corrals and underwater creatures in Balicasag is different, the water is crystal clear and our eyes was mesmerized by colorful fish.


Third and final stop was the virgin island. It was approximately 20 minutes boat ride from Balicasag island. Going to Virgin Island on low tide season is troublesome because the boatman needs to paddle to reach the sandbar.

12277477_1667394210174848_303750147_n - Copy
starfish found on virgin island
12338943_957444554334492_923383549_n - Copy
Enter a caption



After the extreme heat on the island hoping we went bach to Alona beach for lunch. Had some glass of beer on the beach side.

cheers for 2 years

And played on the white sand on Alona beach.


We will be back by August this year Alona, and soon we will try diving here for sure together.











Summer in Puerto Galera 2014

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April 26-28 2014 Puerto Galera,Oriental Mindoro


It was in the¬†middle of summer 2014 when we planned to have our summer getaway. There are a lot of beaches that we wanted to get drowned but we chose somewhere just near the city. This place is one of the places I really wanted to discover even before. I just don’t ¬†have ¬†time and I don’t know how to get there.

So here we go, we had an idea to read some reviews and related blogs so ¬†it will be a bit easier for us to get to the place. We looked for a possible transient, hotel or inn’s that we can stay and also considered even their rates since it’s peak season.

So here’s how we get there.

We rode a Jac Liner bus in Taft ¬†bound to Batangas ¬†Pier,travel time is maximum of 2 hours depending on traffic condition, When we arrived at Batangas Pier we bought our ticket for another two hours boat travel. As far as I know there are 2 major shipping lines operating in Batangas pier, and the boat intervals are every 30 minutes.When we arrive in the island we thought were already there, but no coz there’s more! For some reason the boat cannot directly drop off passengers to the beach front directly, maybe because of low tide or maybe because of peak season and a lot of tourist are on the beach side LOL but since it was our first time we didnt even complain. We rode an L300 van that carries approximately 12 passsengers from the boat (the van was owned by the shipping company so no cost) we travelled a zigzag roan to the main Puerto Galera for almost 30minutes.and when we arrived, YES! it’s white beach and yes! It’s crowded.

And yes,we went there without any reservations made so we looked for a place to stay in, expect all hotels or inns along the white beach are fully¬†accommodated¬†because it’s summer, peak season and yes, weekend! There are actually a lot of locals offering us a place to stay but we can’t think of anything because we are tired from less than 5 hours travel from Manila, Until there’s this one guy who approached us, he asked if we are looking for a place because he knew a place but he gave us proper expectation that it’s a walking distance from the beach front.

It was approximately 10 mins walk from the beach front where the resort named ” Villa Cristina” located. ¬†The place is quiet far from the noise from the beach, we are welcomed by the owner and deal on the prices of the rooms. We got the¬†air conditioned¬†Nipa hut w/ CR and a small veranda made of concrete but it was mold like a real bamboo.


There are a lot honestly, from simple to extreme. we haven’t been in Boracay when we went there or other high end beaches so we don’t have any to compare. Water sport activities can be found such as Banana boat,Jets ki ride, there are some who parasail and ofcourse beach Volleyball.

Banana Boat
Banana Boat


Just like the other places we visited, each of them has their own specialty. I was thinking of eating “mindoro frog” which I know is very famous but unfortunately I¬†haven’t¬†seen any on ¬†the menu (and Neah for sure wont take any risk to try that thou).¬†There are a lot of restaurant along the white beach that serves affordable food. I forgot the name of the resto but we found this one resto where we had our breakfast for only 199 for two. Its a big serving it has bacon, ham, sausage and scrambled egg.

At the afternoon, mango shakes is very suitable while you chilling the beach ūüôā

We enjoyed a lot during the nigh¬†because ¬†restaurants turned out comedy bars, that offer diff “promos” on their drinks. We enjoyed watching how gays entertain the crowd. And we tried what they called galera cocktail good for 3 or 4 for only 250.00 I think. At our last night ¬†we wanted to have a memorable dinner so It took us ¬†time looking for the place to eat. Until we reached the end of the long beach where you can find cozy restaurants but the price is a lil bit pricey but It’s worth It ūüôā


IMG_4962 IMG_4964 IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4967  IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4971


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March 29-30 2015
¬† ¬† ¬†¬†It was one of my wildest dream since I have Neah as my travel buddy and that is to experience¬†beach side¬†camping,I’snt sound interesting that you will fetch your tent together, you will cook food by yourself, you will save your ass from mosquittos in any way possible, girl scout thing and I find it really exciting.
Same drill,we find a place for beach camping in Zambales and please not the overcrowded Anawangin and other commercialized beaches that needs Boat transfers. We found out Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso Zambales.
Since we really wanted to feel the real camping experience we brought our own tent online, we even made “to bring list” for our fist camping experience.
And those are:
* Tent
* Blanket
* Flashlight
* Power banks for our phones
* Pajamas
* Off lotion
* Chips/ Canned goods (century tuna and Vienna sausage)
* Hotdogs
¬†We have a ready made¬†itinerary¬†but for some reason Jam Liner in Kamias dont have bus bound to Iba Zambales or maybe I just overlooked because I’m excited?LOL
We rode another Taxi to cubao and went to DLTB, unfortunately the Iba bound bust just left and the next trip will be 11:OO AM and it was chance passenger. Good thing I remembered an alternative way to Iba based on the blogs that¬†I’ve¬†read. We took Olongapo bound bus and from Olongapo we can ride another bus to Iba that will drop us to San Narciso Zambales! Girl Scout!
We arrived in Olongapo past 12:00PM and rode an airconitioned bus to Iba Zambales, It was less than an hour travel in which we passed some part of Subic and the jumpoff to Anwangin in San Antonio Zambales.
      When we reached San Narciso just in front of the church we hire a tricycle to the market to buy water and some food.Then we go straight to the resort.
      We were impressed by the resort staff. One of the staff accompanied us to the camping site and offer to help us fetching our tent.

¬† ¬† ¬† It was our first time to fetch tent on our ownūüĎŹ With our flowing sweat and our starving tummy we still made it!
After a quick rest we prepare something for late lunch,we have this hot dog and marshmallows ready for grill.
But it was not that easy,we¬†don’t¬†know how to lighten the charcoal so we can cook,I never¬†thought¬†it will be this hard I swear.
Now lunch is ready with our camping style foodies,Salted egg and can goods LOL

We stayed at the resort for a night and the following day was pic-op’s and swimming time! We really had fun on our first camping experience, we love the camp site, the trees the¬†beach¬†and most specially the friendly staff of Crystal Beach Resort. It’s 5/5 for Customer Service.