When we got lost in SorsogonĀ 

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Travelled February 18,2016

“Unexpected is either surprisingly well or perfectly imperfect”

It was part of our 25th birthday bucketlist to go to Palawan, we already booked flight for our 4 days vacation. But few weeks before our trip I got an emergency from our province in Bicol that needs me to be there. And because it’s a family related, we decided to just cancel our trip and go to Bicol instead.

Same travel date in Palawan we headed to Cubao for our 12 hours bus travel to Tiwi, Albay in Bicol. There is a direct bus to Tiwi that will takes almost 13 hours depending on traffic situation. Tiwi is 40 minutes drive from Legazpi City, the mainland of Albay.

bus ticket (yet the most convenient bus conpany)
getting ready for a 12 hrs bus ride

We left Cubao around 5:00PM and expected to arrived at 6:00AM next morning. And good thing because we arrived on time.

We arrived home and do my personal errands. It was Neah second time to be in my home town,the first time she was in Tiwi we only stayed for 1 night so this time I take the opportunity to ahow her some of hidden gems of our place. It’s not totally gems but it something that our place can offer  when it comes to tourism.

We started with the “corangon islet”. It is an islet located in Baybay Tiwi Albay which is just walking distance from the town proper. The panoramic view of Corangon can be seen far from the seashore of the beach, but just recently the Corangon is getting closer to the public,the tourism office are now accepting tourist to visit the islet during lowtide.

But riding a boat to see closely the islet is not our plan. We instead go to the seaside and point her out the Corangon island (I’m not even sure if I showed her the right one because corangon is not visible during hightide).



take a selfie

and took photos of her along the beach

After the sight seing at the beach side we headed to our town parish church.


St. Lawrence Parish Churh



We return back home after church and take our lunch. We went to nearby city tabaco to accompany my mother for her checkup. While waiting for her doctor, we went to a cafe within the area. I saw this cafe from a friend who posted a picture of it on instagram.

Here we go Amore Coffee.


Amore Coffee Shop located in Tayhi Tabaco City near DBPMCF
They serve a different version of Coffee and Frappe.

their best seller Ryan’s Praline Frappe
Ryan’s Praline Frappe , Mocha Frappe, their version of beef Nachos and Cheese Sticks

 Their frapped was served after 30 minutes from the time we ordered but we guve it a chance because they just opened when we dine.

I love their bestseller Ryan’s Praline Frap (i just dont know where they got that name). Nothing special with the  beef Nachos, I was looking for something spicy and beefy flavor but thei version is different. Cheesesticks was fine, as expected cheese rolled with wrap.

What we like more about this place is a corner where they offer some kind of activity while you dine.


totie playing Dart Spin

One more thing about this cafe is that it’s pet friendly.

Fast forward after our personal errands, I met my friends in college and decided to have some drink as my birthday salubong that night.


with Totsie,Janet,Franz, Mama and Dev with our grilled fish pulutan,pinangat and sinigang
The next morning was my birthday! And our next stop is Sorsogon City. Sorsogon is more than 4 hrs ride from Legazpi City. But before we headed to Legazpi to reach Sorsogon, I was given a chance to show Neah one of my favorite food since  I was a kid.

representing the puto kutsinta on it’s colorful version :With coconut pulp as a toppings

And that’s what we had for breakfast!

Around 9:00AM we arrived in Legazpi Grand Terminal where we need to have another 4 hrs van ride.

We arrived in Sorsogon proper around 1:00PM we immediately look for jeepney going to Matnog, Sorsogon. After around 20 minutes we just realized that our time maybe not enought for island hopping in Subic Beach. We look for nearby places on google and ended up getting off to a place we dont know. We therefore decided to go back to the city proper and follow the instruction we found from a blog online. We ride a jeep with a signboard “Bacon” and ” Sawanga” 45 mins. Jeepney ride from city proper.

 Paguriran Island

welcomed by a calms sea of the island

We rented a cottage for our remaining hours for only Php 150.00, there is a sari sari store along the beach but they dont sell cooked food aside from cup noodles and caned goods.
birthday gift for me
   Since the last trip from Bacon to the city proper is only until 4:00PM, we decided to go back to the city earlier for dinner and we need to catch thelast trip of bus back to Manila.

Meanwhile, right after we arrive in the city proper we take some glimpse on their City plaza

 Then dinner finally!

dinner at Biggs


We got the last trip of Philtranco bus bound to Cubao around 7:00PM as chance passenger oha!

We’ll be back #sorsišŸ‘™



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Travelled May 13-14 2014 Regoin V,Bicol



Among the different places we visited,this is the place were I wanted to bring Neah.I was soĀ proud to have Neah with me because this is my home town,I was born here, I grew up here,this is were my lifeĀ started.


Just like other Phillipine’s tourist destination Bicol has a lot to offer,from beacutiful white sand beaches,Islands and Islets,falls,mountains,delicious exotic foods and ofcourse the perfect cone Mayon Volcano.

We planned to have a “quick” visit home and Neah’s first time in Bicol. Why it’s quick?because we only have 3 days and the travel time takes almost 13 hours 1 way bus ride.

The bus left Manila 4:00PM and we arrived around 7:00AM the next day.I was very excited to let Neah experience Bicol. We had a Buddle fight lunch on our house when we arrived,the challenging “kamoteng kakoy” (cassava leaves) bare hand yeah!

Ginataang Kamiteng kahoy(Cassava leaves cooked w/ coconut milk)
Ginataang Kamoteng kahoy(Cassava leaves cooked w/ coconut milk)

“you cannot qoute it as experience,unless you tried”

Trivia: Neah’sĀ biggest challengeĀ isĀ eating vegetables, all leafy and green vegetables.

Well,we are even here for food Bicol is Ā known for spicy cuisine cooked in coconut milk,everything about peppery food are from Bicol province.

Pasta Bicolandia (4/5 spicy pasta)