Panglao Island Bohol

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Traveled December 16-18, 2015

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As a highlight of our second year anniversary we planned to go out of town again. We planned of going to Davao but since the election was near, we knew that it’s not safe to travel on that utmost part of Mindanao.We thought of going to Palawan but our vacation leave at work went  miserable again. Bohol was part of our bucket list “hopefully” before 2015 ends and were lucky to finally able to explore Panglao.

Right after Neah’s 11:00AM shift we hurriedly headed to the airport. Since we have 1:40 flight to Tagbilaran we are really running out of time. We rode the nearest train from the office and drop off to the nearest gateway we can ride a cab to the airport. Unfortunately during that time there was a storm signal in Manila and it was so hard to haggle for a cab ( you know traffic is everywhere). We ended up riding a “sikad” costing Php150.00 one way. I never thought that there was a way going to the airport by that mode of transportation but we need to take any way possible to reach the flight on time.

We left Manila with a a storm signal but arrived in Tagbilaran with warmth heat of the summer and very calm sea.

summer here…

Since we didn’t reserve a place to stay in Alona Beach we really have to look a place ourselves. The guy who offer us the package for island hoping  helped us to find a place to stay. It’s not so hard to find a place though it’s not peak season. We find a place for two for only Php 850.00 per night,air conditioned with a very very strong WIFI signal and so close to the main beach.

We stroll the Alona beach front to find a place to eat. We called Alona beach “little boracay” the long stretch of white beach was just similar with boracay.

Had dinner by the beach, half naked for back massage and watch the fire-dance and fireworks at night with bottle of beer.

The next morning, we wake up 5:00 AM for the dolphin watching and island hopping. We just had a cup of noodles near the beach who was owned by a Korean (Neah and I loves trying chopsticks for noodles and ramen, strange but it makes us happy. Just by using a chopstick)

Our fist stop was a 30 minute boat ride to watch the dolphins playing during daytime, according to our guide the dolphins appears early in the morning until 7:30 AM. It was such a great experience to watch them going in and out on our sight.

After watching the dolphin we headed to our next stop, the Balicasag Island. It was less than 30 minutes boat ride from the dolphin watching area.

Balicasag Island

Upon arrival we were required to pay the environmental fee and the snorkeling fee of Php 250.00 inclusive of guide and snorkeling gears. We went to  what they called “snorkeling sanctuary” with a paddle boat.

We tried snorkeling once when we went to Boracay but the corrals and underwater creatures in Balicasag is different, the water is crystal clear and our eyes was mesmerized by colorful fish.


Third and final stop was the virgin island. It was approximately 20 minutes boat ride from Balicasag island. Going to Virgin Island on low tide season is troublesome because the boatman needs to paddle to reach the sandbar.

12277477_1667394210174848_303750147_n - Copy
starfish found on virgin island
12338943_957444554334492_923383549_n - Copy
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After the extreme heat on the island hoping we went bach to Alona beach for lunch. Had some glass of beer on the beach side.

cheers for 2 years

And played on the white sand on Alona beach.


We will be back by August this year Alona, and soon we will try diving here for sure together.












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