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Travelled May 13-14 2014 Regoin V,Bicol



Among the different places we visited,this is the place were I wanted to bring Neah.I was so proud to have Neah with me because this is my home town,I was born here, I grew up here,this is were my life started.


Just like other Phillipine’s tourist destination Bicol has a lot to offer,from beacutiful white sand beaches,Islands and Islets,falls,mountains,delicious exotic foods and ofcourse the perfect cone Mayon Volcano.

We planned to have a “quick” visit home and Neah’s first time in Bicol. Why it’s quick?because we only have 3 days and the travel time takes almost 13 hours 1 way bus ride.

The bus left Manila 4:00PM and we arrived around 7:00AM the next day.I was very excited to let Neah experience Bicol. We had a Buddle fight lunch on our house when we arrived,the challenging “kamoteng kakoy” (cassava leaves) bare hand yeah!

Ginataang Kamiteng kahoy(Cassava leaves cooked w/ coconut milk)
Ginataang Kamoteng kahoy(Cassava leaves cooked w/ coconut milk)

“you cannot qoute it as experience,unless you tried”

Trivia: Neah’s biggest challenge is eating vegetables, all leafy and green vegetables.

Well,we are even here for food Bicol is  known for spicy cuisine cooked in coconut milk,everything about peppery food are from Bicol province.

Pasta Bicolandia (4/5 spicy pasta)

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