Summer in Puerto Galera 2014

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April 26-28 2014 Puerto Galera,Oriental Mindoro


It was in the middle of summer 2014 when we planned to have our summer getaway. There are a lot of beaches that we wanted to get drowned but we chose somewhere just near the city. This place is one of the places I really wanted to discover even before. I just don’t  have  time and I don’t know how to get there.

So here we go, we had an idea to read some reviews and related blogs so  it will be a bit easier for us to get to the place. We looked for a possible transient, hotel or inn’s that we can stay and also considered even their rates since it’s peak season.

So here’s how we get there.

We rode a Jac Liner bus in Taft  bound to Batangas  Pier,travel time is maximum of 2 hours depending on traffic condition, When we arrived at Batangas Pier we bought our ticket for another two hours boat travel. As far as I know there are 2 major shipping lines operating in Batangas pier, and the boat intervals are every 30 minutes.When we arrive in the island we thought were already there, but no coz there’s more! For some reason the boat cannot directly drop off passengers to the beach front directly, maybe because of low tide or maybe because of peak season and a lot of tourist are on the beach side LOL but since it was our first time we didnt even complain. We rode an L300 van that carries approximately 12 passsengers from the boat (the van was owned by the shipping company so no cost) we travelled a zigzag roan to the main Puerto Galera for almost 30minutes.and when we arrived, YES! it’s white beach and yes! It’s crowded.

And yes,we went there without any reservations made so we looked for a place to stay in, expect all hotels or inns along the white beach are fully accommodated because it’s summer, peak season and yes, weekend! There are actually a lot of locals offering us a place to stay but we can’t think of anything because we are tired from less than 5 hours travel from Manila, Until there’s this one guy who approached us, he asked if we are looking for a place because he knew a place but he gave us proper expectation that it’s a walking distance from the beach front.

It was approximately 10 mins walk from the beach front where the resort named ” Villa Cristina” located.  The place is quiet far from the noise from the beach, we are welcomed by the owner and deal on the prices of the rooms. We got the air conditioned Nipa hut w/ CR and a small veranda made of concrete but it was mold like a real bamboo.


There are a lot honestly, from simple to extreme. we haven’t been in Boracay when we went there or other high end beaches so we don’t have any to compare. Water sport activities can be found such as Banana boat,Jets ki ride, there are some who parasail and ofcourse beach Volleyball.

Banana Boat
Banana Boat


Just like the other places we visited, each of them has their own specialty. I was thinking of eating “mindoro frog” which I know is very famous but unfortunately I haven’t seen any on  the menu (and Neah for sure wont take any risk to try that thou). There are a lot of restaurant along the white beach that serves affordable food. I forgot the name of the resto but we found this one resto where we had our breakfast for only 199 for two. Its a big serving it has bacon, ham, sausage and scrambled egg.

At the afternoon, mango shakes is very suitable while you chilling the beach 🙂

We enjoyed a lot during the nigh because  restaurants turned out comedy bars, that offer diff “promos” on their drinks. We enjoyed watching how gays entertain the crowd. And we tried what they called galera cocktail good for 3 or 4 for only 250.00 I think. At our last night  we wanted to have a memorable dinner so It took us  time looking for the place to eat. Until we reached the end of the long beach where you can find cozy restaurants but the price is a lil bit pricey but It’s worth It 🙂


IMG_4962 IMG_4964 IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4967  IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4971


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