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February 15,2015 Clarkfield Pampanga


As I can recall it was two years ago when I heard about the “Hot air balloon Festival” being held yearly in Pampanga. I always dreamed to witness the beauty of these giant balloons floating  in the sky. Luckily last year when I was out dated about the event and it was too late when I realized that February is always the chosen month for the said festival, I was really pissed off of myself because I wanted to bring my girlfriend there because I find it romantic and I even watched some videos that has it’s background.

January came and I kept on checking google for the schedule of the Hot Air Balloon, I found a website in which the activities, dates and the location of the event was stated. It was dated February 13 to 15,  2015 with the theme of “Week of everything that flies” at Clark field Pampanga, I read every detail about the event and activities. Neah and I immediately made a plan of going there as part of my birthday bucket list.

Luckily the last day of the event was our rest day so there’s no reason for us to missed that most awaited event of my life 🙂 One of our office mate who lives in Pampanga gave us a map on how we can go to Clark field that serve as our guide going to the place.

It was our last day and at 8:00AM we directly went to Jac Liner station in Kamias. There also some passengers same way as our’s that day. It was more than an hour travel to Dau Pampanga, we drop off to the first stop over in Mabalacat Pampanga. We rode a tricycle going to the Clark field  based on the instruction that we had on our map and we paid Php150.00 for almost 30 mins ride. When we arrived to the area the driver point us the way so we can walk to the Gate entrance, we thought it was just a short walk but we ended up walking for almost 20 mins.

It was almost lunch when we arrived, we bought our ticket at the entrance, since we don’t have any packed food for lunch or any snacks (maybe because of the excitement) we have to look for something to eat, good thing there’s a variety of concession booth within the area where we can buy  food to eat!

We were just seated on the grass like other’s who are inside the open ground, some even brought their own tent  that serves as their cover to the extreme heat of the sun, It was the last day of the event and I thought there were lesser people than the first two days (how will I know? this is even my first time LOL).

Here are some of the activities and highlights of the event:

Kite Flying Kites are tethered flying objects, which fly using aerodynamic lift requiring wind or towing to generate airflow over the lifting surfaces. They now come in many shapes and forms, and are now made from newly developed materials such as graphite and nylons.

Aerobatic Exhibitions is the practice of flying maneuvers that involve aircraft altitudes not used in normal flight. Most aerobatic maneuvers involve rotation of the aircraft about its longitudinal axis (roll) or lateral axis (pitch). Other maneuvers such as a spin displace the aircraft about its vertical axis (yaw).

Powered Paragliding Powered paragliding or para motoring is a form of ultralight aviation where a pilot carries a motor on his back to give him enough thrust to take off with a para motor wing.

Sky Diving Sky Diving involves exiting an aircraft to return to the ground with the aid of gravity, then slowing down during the last part of the descent using a parachute. 

Radio controlled aircraft Radio controlled aircraft or RC aircraft are small flying machines controlled remotely by an operator on the ground using a handheld radio transmitter

Hot Air Ballooning this is actually the highlight of the show that we are waiting for, but since it was our first time we didn’t know that it’s literally ballooning of Hot air Balloons.

The event ended up with live concert artist and band performing on stage, we rested for few minutes since we are standing for almost the whole day under the heat of t he sun.

We headed back to Manila same route as we arrived in Pampanga, but we never expect the queue of passengers. But overall it was awesome, since it was part of my birthday bucket list it made me really really happy.Tires yet satisfied.





online,some friends are posting/ selling ticket,promoting  the event.and it is also one of the favorite spot for Valentines Day since it is being held every February.


for families who will bring their kids we suggest to bring your car, there are huge parking area though so it will much convenient for your kids to travel. You can also bring tent,(there’s no fetching fee), I think a lot of water since you will be exposed from the heat of the sun.Extra shirt, towels.


Fly kite,enjoy the hot air baloon view.

Travelled with Neah and Anna


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