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March 29-30 2015
      It was one of my wildest dream since I have Neah as my travel buddy and that is to experience beach side camping,I’snt sound interesting that you will fetch your tent together, you will cook food by yourself, you will save your ass from mosquittos in any way possible, girl scout thing and I find it really exciting.
Same drill,we find a place for beach camping in Zambales and please not the overcrowded Anawangin and other commercialized beaches that needs Boat transfers. We found out Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso Zambales.
Since we really wanted to feel the real camping experience we brought our own tent online, we even made “to bring list” for our fist camping experience.
And those are:
* Tent
* Blanket
* Flashlight
* Power banks for our phones
* Pajamas
* Off lotion
* Chips/ Canned goods (century tuna and Vienna sausage)
* Hotdogs
 We have a ready made itinerary but for some reason Jam Liner in Kamias dont have bus bound to Iba Zambales or maybe I just overlooked because I’m excited?LOL
We rode another Taxi to cubao and went to DLTB, unfortunately the Iba bound bust just left and the next trip will be 11:OO AM and it was chance passenger. Good thing I remembered an alternative way to Iba based on the blogs that I’ve read. We took Olongapo bound bus and from Olongapo we can ride another bus to Iba that will drop us to San Narciso Zambales! Girl Scout!
We arrived in Olongapo past 12:00PM and rode an airconitioned bus to Iba Zambales, It was less than an hour travel in which we passed some part of Subic and the jumpoff to Anwangin in San Antonio Zambales.
      When we reached San Narciso just in front of the church we hire a tricycle to the market to buy water and some food.Then we go straight to the resort.
      We were impressed by the resort staff. One of the staff accompanied us to the camping site and offer to help us fetching our tent.

      It was our first time to fetch tent on our own👏 With our flowing sweat and our starving tummy we still made it!
After a quick rest we prepare something for late lunch,we have this hot dog and marshmallows ready for grill.
But it was not that easy,we don’t know how to lighten the charcoal so we can cook,I never thought it will be this hard I swear.
Now lunch is ready with our camping style foodies,Salted egg and can goods LOL

We stayed at the resort for a night and the following day was pic-op’s and swimming time! We really had fun on our first camping experience, we love the camp site, the trees the beach and most specially the friendly staff of Crystal Beach Resort. It’s 5/5 for Customer Service.





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