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I can say that this was my dream place on my almost three years of staying Manila.As usual schedule won’t allow me to experience what “Tagaytay”is.I have a lot of officemates,friends seems like Tagaytay is just a nearby place where they can reach anytime in any day✌️.Pitty me.

I’ve learned about Tagaytay on some movies that I watched, word of mouth,online deals etc.and I’m so excited because I know one day I will feel the breeze of Tagaytay.And I’m dreaming of going to this place with someone special.

As my curiosity continous I keep asking Neah about the place,how to get there,what’s the big deal of making Tagaytay a special place for others and of course  WHY I’m interested as well.haha! I tried reading blogs and reciews about several hotels and resto in the place.

Until little by little i already made a decision on how “possibly”we can go there,of course Neah will be with me. I patiently read all reviews,list down some activities that we may enjoy once were there,I even asked some of my friends whom I know already went there,seems like I’m going out of the country.haha

The thing is,i dont know how to tell Neah that I want her to be with me in Tagaytay.How can I tell her this without sounding awkward,OMG

Yes. She agreed to be with me though 😄 we are still on the stage of courtship but I now maybe somehow she trust me on going somewhere alone the two of us.And I know she can feel that I am so eager to go there.

It was our rest day one saturday afternoon as we planned to take the almost two hour ride to Tagytay. We were about to get lost when we found out that the terminal near UN ave is non operational bound to Tagaytay. We contacted Neah’s friend and ask for alternative way to ride a bus bound to Batangas that will passby Tagaytay. We went down to LRT baclaran rode a jeep to Coastal Mall and finally!

The travel time  was fun. As I am excited that finally I will be there in just few hours.

We drop by Magallanes square one of the common stop over in Tagaytay where there are some restaurant to eat with a treat of overlooking view of Taal Lake and the Starbucks Cofee shop is a plus.

“So it’s true,malamig pala talaga sa Tagaytay” I  told myself. We had dinner at one of the Resto just behind Starbucks magallanes.By that time it’s so hard to find a place to stay or even a place to have a cofee because it’s raining weekend aside from  Starbucks was full of like “partying people”.

I can say that Tagaytay really test my patience,without any pre booked room,we search fir any available lodge that we can stay for a night but it’s not that easy because of the rain pouring on our head that night.Until  we rode a tricycle and ask the driver if he can look for a place for us to stay,while on our way,we drop on some lodging houses and inns but all of them are fully booked.

For almost half an hour of just lookong for a place to stay we finally found one,but i think it’s a family room.It was a two storey with a bedroom on the atic of the house😄

                       (After sharing some emotional toughts and experiences)

Early in the morning after taking our breakfast we decided to go back to Magallanes square and have some cofee. After almost a night of story telling and sharing our toughts were not yet done.



And before going back to reality we have this shirt as our souvenir.Since I dont have extra clothes when we went backhome.


And I promised that if Neah will be my girlfriend,we will celebrate out first month back here😄

Travel December 15-16 2013


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