GRAND ISLAND Pagbilao Quezon 

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April 28-29 2015

      One of the best way to escape from busy work atmosphere is to go out and find a place where you can breathe fresh air and rest with tranquility that sorrounds you. It was tiring week for us and we decided to go out of town,we are looking for a place just near the Metro and not more than 8hrs travel time,until Neah found out a hidden paradise from different blogs about Kwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin, we read all the Pro’s and Con’s on going there since it was literally a hidden place and needs almost all mode of transportation.We made our itenirary basing on the information we gather from blogs that we have read.Since It was still summer exploring hidden paradise will be exciting.

      This is not the first time that we go out for camping so preparing for camping paraphernalia has been quiet easy. All our things were packed, tent ready,and on our itenirary we planned to leave early in the morning.Luckily Neah and I woke up late the following day and found ourselves waiting for a bus in Kamias bound to Lucena 6:00 in the morning.
It was almost 4 hours travel time from Manila to Lucena Grand Terminal we immediately look for any resto or foodchain where we can save our poor tummy. Hurray for Jolibee😄
After lunch we went to jeep terminal bound to Pagbilao proper/pagbilao market,we waited for almost 30 mins since it only leaves once its full, it was a dusty 30 mins jeep ride together with big trucks and buses on the road.
Our cab stopped directly in front of the jeep going to Isla Polo,same thing happened we waited until the jeep was full and the 45mins travel started on the narrow road way to Isla Polo.
      Until the driver stopped and point us to someone who can take us to the jump off and this time its a tricycle😄
Based on the blogs that wev’e read tricycle ride will cost php150.00 one way,but since we are only 2 and a backpack and handcarry tent we got the deal for Php100.00 one way😄
This hospitable kuya driver got our number and volunteer to fetch us next day from the jump off.
On our way to the jump off,we passed through an ongoing construction owned by a Singaporean company,according to kuya driver it was gas and crude plant just like in Palawan. Another eye catching infrastructure was the power plant built just beside the lake going to the island,according to kuya driver since he worked there before it was a power plant that supplies current in Metro Manila.
So here we go,it doesn’t end here,there’s more! This time we need to cross the lake.
After the lake boat transfer we have to trek for almost 30 mins going to the beach front.
      We were given a glimpse of the sea before we started to trek,it was clear blue water with some rock formation.
We just follow the narrow path since we were instructed by the bankero to just turn left and walk straight the path and we can reach the beach front but walking in narrow path with pointed rocks is not that easy we have to watch every single step so we wont be hurt by pointed rocks on our way. 


      It was already 1:00PM in the afternoon when we finally reach the beach front,and yes! It was rocky white sand just like in Puka Beach in Boracay,we fetch our tent and started to take our super late lunch😄
It took us almost 7hours travel time to reach the beach but it’s all worth it.





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