Zentea- Milktea house

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I was fun of hanging out on a coffee or milk tea on my leisure time mostly when I started working. During restday I always find a way to forget the stressful life during working days. I am not fan of Milktea honestly,I only have one milktea house I know and the only milktea flavor I know is “Wintermelon” haha!

When Neah and I met this is one thing in common that we discover on each other, We both love Coffee and Milktea! But she’s not like me who only knew few flavor’s of miltea and milktea house,actually she know’s a LOT!

This is one of our favotite tambayan from the day Neah brought me to this place, I was impressed by the relaxing place very different compared to those who are inside Malls, the wooden interior design with a separate are for smoker’s and who want to view the outside of congressional Avenue LOL.

The first time we went there We tried their “Taro” with Nata. And with my surprise coz it fits my tastebuds. And it’s my first time to taste a differet Milktea flavor. Zente serves different milktea flavor’s I haven’t tried all of them because I have favoritsm attitude, I only tried what is familiar to me.Not a risk taker for short.

We usually went there after our shift, sometimes on our boring days at home and we wanted to see wach other. We are inlove with their milktea and ofcourse the  place.

Neah’s alway’s favorite was the “Three berries” I dont like it the first time I tasted it but later when I get used to it, it became my favorite as well, We once went to their other branch in Mendiola in UBelt and notices that most of their milktea houses has common interior design,but Zentea Congre is our favorite, mostly their crew.

I started to love their crew’s because they are easy to deal with, if you setup a date and you chose their place they will help you out on your setup.Just like one of memorable tambay in Zentea. Wayback last year around Dec.2014 Neah and I planned to have milktea after our shift but I came from house when I was staying in Manila, I have a bucnh of roses in hand for her,hhmmm. I arrived earlier in Zentea Congre and when I asked the crew id Neah was already there, they said No.So this is it! I handed Kuya the boquet and instruct him on what to do.I went up to the second floor and waited for Neah to arrived.

The girl in black arrived after 20 mins of waiting which I understand because her house is hundred miles away from congre. Right after she arrived I decided to take our orders downstairs. I honestly dont know what to do,there’s a lot of people during that time when were there. Tadaaaaan! Milktea was served with a bunch of pink roses 🙂

   Second was Neah’s  birthday surprise for me, It was my day and having a milktea is not part of my agenda,but Neah keeps on encouraging me to have some tea before we went to our dinner with some common friends.So since I have to see her I ended up going there by my self. Almost same story,outr Milkte was served with Baloons and cake. Happy Birthday to me!

 Every time we got bored at home, tired from work mostly when wer’e stressed Zentea is our very first choice. If we want to talk something we always want it with a tea or Coffee. We had a lot of happy and memorable memories with Zentea that’s why I made a blog about it. We are even planning about franchisng this soon once Neah and I decided to have our own business.

Most of our photos posted online were taken here😄



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