Nuvali Laguna – our first out of town together

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we heard a lot about this place eversince and we are always planning to go and visit but time and schedules never permits.As we heard about low prices of some branded stuffs like bags,sneakers and some well known clothing brand interesting right?

We tried to read reviews it up and ofcourse the “forever planning time”.when we can be there.How we can go there,but ofcourse with the time and day that work and personal errands will not be compromised.

Until such time came I was on my restday. i got a message from a friend asking if “I wanna go somewhere in Nuvali” I immediately message her back online and asked “are you guys serious”. Well all i knew is they are having good time knowing that I really wanted to go to Nuvali. And since Im hard headed I didnt believe them. I left home with my “pambahay damit” because I will just be depositing money to the bank,then I got a message from another friend confirming that we will be going to Nuvali and they will just fetch me where ever I am. 😜 Hmm I cant believe it but ofcourse I really can’t believe that I will be going there like a beggar🙈

So it was true.These guys fetch me after my personal errand. And went directly to fetch the other one who is just came from her restday. Tadaaan! It’s my babe neah..ooops di pa pala kami nun ✌️yes we are just on “dating process”. But ofcourse this girl always rock ky world and I cant imagine Nuvali trip without her.

Same with my reaction,she was shocked knowing that we will be going to Nuvali. i borrowed a tee from her so I won’t look like a real beggar on my outfit. Haha.

The ride starts early around 10AM bound to SLEX to Laguna.

It was just like going somehere for a picnic because of the food buffet inside the car. Well,ofcourse because we will be gliding for almost one in a half hour. 

And here we go! Saying hi to Nuvali.tadaaan capital HHWW

Ohaa? Nuvali it is 😄 the place was surrounded mostly by store outlets. There sre huge area for parking and it’s an advantage since  we had a car.

The more than an hour ride makes our tummyies longing for happy food. For some reason we are not familiar with the restaurants along the area.

This woyld be our breakfast and lunch and as a preparatio for the entire gala.

Lunch was served but nothing beats the winky eye of Neah nae. i know that she’s starving knowing her food apprtite is so so so i dont know.haha!

Our original plan is to buy some sneaker since I’m having hard time buying a kick in MNL because it’s so pricey. We went to some store outlets and yes they had low prices of stuffs or maybe because it’s holiday season.

Our plan is to have a pair of converse either red white or black.But since my feet are so huge we cannot find a size to “fit my tiny feet”.

Until we found the BMX outlet store, It’s even my first time to hear about the shoes brand but their kicks are cool and had stokscks for prefered sizes.Neah actually had a good choice for almost everything so I keep asking for her experties.

As ou first time going out of town together this experience is very memorable. So take the chance to captures more and more picture yow!

May undisputed  outfit during this day.

NUVALI Laguna,December2013


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